Day 5 – Is there a local Goth band or group in your area?

not really! At least not that I know of, but I also am not very much connected to the musical scene in here. I have found that I have different opinions of those of others, and that does not bode well in this world.

I have, however, helped some friends form their own bands, mostly metal I have to admit.
In this picture I am with the lead singer of what once a project of a death metal band that wa squite particular, they had no guitarrist.

Yes, only the vocals, the drums, and a bass. I admit I found their music something close to noise, but I still helped them until they decided to part their own ways. I am good as a manager.

That's why my friends always ask for my help to organize events and represent them as artists. I admit as well,  that I find this terribly amusing. I beleive my capacities come from common sense and the fact that I know that to get those things we want, we have to know how to speak and to whom speak to.

An ability I have seen is lacking in today's artists. I have no mind for this, it means bussiness for me to continue on my art and my dream.

As far as a groupd goes though, yes that, there is. I am sadly, the only voctorian goth around. Everyone falls into all the many other categories, and that makes them interesting just for a while. I ussually hang out with the otakus, frikis, gamers, and one or two metalhead.
Goths here are either too close to our punk cousins and I find them useful only as watch dogs, because of their rabid attitudes, or they beleive themselves higher because they have material possesions.

I value knowledge, style, hability, and the wonderful magic of understanding oneself. We all make mistakes, I do them a lot, yet me and my friends admit it. We love ourselves even though of our differences, in here, we are the true misfits, everyone else is just the same.

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