Day 4 – Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

Victorian goth is the answer, though it's halfa-way there. In my country there are two main reasons of why acting victorian and dressing as one are two different things whatsoever.

I act, think, do, as a victorian girl, or at least as much as I can be in today's downfalling society of dogs and rats. In which the plague is no sickness, but stupidity and the incapacity of its people to actually dream.

Yet, dressing the part is imposible on two basis:

Number 1: Dresses are very expensive, and my job as an english teacher does not pay much.

Number 2: if you look just a bit different than the usual crowd, you are the perfect target to get mugged, robbed, kidnapped, killed over your shoes, than the other sad person who walked beside you on the street.

So, as much as I follow the stereotype of victorian goths, I must say, dressing the part is a big and fatal no. Hence why many people beleive I am a baby-bat still. They forget I live in a place where your life is measured by the type of shoes you wear, and the difference between life and death lies on actually acting the way modern society wants you at least dressing as much.

I must add I find this terribly anoying, I so hate the fabric by which jeans are made. They're terribly unconfortable, and don't give you the freedom of movement a long skirt can give you.

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