First entry, the drowning of the silent Ophelia.

I want to say something, but the words get caught in my throath, everyone sees your pain and I can only see what I always live with.
I don't know anymore what to say, even if I swim in a river of words that bathe my skin filling it with terror and angst.

I continue to fall under, I drown and can't sing anymore. Where's the ophelia that I used to be? Where's the torture in my veins? Words drown me, and I sink deeper into the river styx.
The ferryman crosses the river again, I can't make him look down to me.

The words of the other souls scream to me, drowning me, but I'm not dead. I want to scream!, reach out and grab your hand. I want to run away, I want to leave but you are no longer here. You left me to drown in words, you failed to see...that the ophelia that you knew could have been saved and I didn't have to drown without my song.

P.S: I want to say it, but will I feel it?

*I remember*
what do you remember?
a moment
what moment?
a random one
why a random one?
because I just like to think
and where do memories go in the end?
to the salt of the sea!

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