Day 9 – Have you ever dated outside the sub-culture?

Actually, the question is have I ever dated within the subculture? As I've explained before, goths in my country are scarse and most are deathrockers or just plain weird. I don't like most of them, and most of them don't like me, so that complicates matters when I wish to date, doesn't it?

I ussually date guys that are metalheads, those are the ones that understand least decently. Though right now, I'm dating a steamer. Does that count? Steampunk is basically a sister sub-culture, basically just another road goth took through life. So I guess right now I'm dated within the subculture...for the first time.

to be honest, he's so far, the best candidate I've ever had, and he's so for the keeps. n.n
I'm trully happy with him, even though I'm afraid everything will eventually fade, and things will crumble, and good things always have an end...I hope this ends when we are old and nagging at each other. xD

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