Day 8 – What's your worst and best experience with non-Goths?

Let's start off with the worst, bunch of baby-bats, metal heads pretending to be goth, and just one goth...MYSELF!
I was treated with hipocrisy because they all thought of me as a slutty baby-bat, because "Epica is the mother of all gothic bands." /sarcasm

They didn't outright insult me because of the big guy beside me, a metalhead, but a good egg and doesn't try to be something he's not, at least on the goth part.

This picture is the only one of that day that I keep, to remind myself that in this country, is near impossible to find good friends because everyone thinks they're la crem de la crem.

Now, with the best:
My best friend is not goth, she's a gamer/otaku/cosplayer studying to be a fashion designer and we shall open a clothing store for our line one day.
We just spent the whole day, she, her metalhead/otaku/cosplayer bf, a mutual friend that is like family for us, and me, in the natural science museum we have.
Nothing out of the extraodirnary but we made it so, best day, best friends, best everything.
I love my few friends I have, and none of them are really goth.

That says something of this country, where a goth rather hang out with everyone save for the "goths".

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