my new years resolution

I was thinking, that maybe I had left this blog unnatended for too long. I think I'm right. I just haven't found the words, the correct words, with which express my feelings in English.
I'm tired of life, of sucking up to my boss, my mother, of friends who steal my stuff when they know if they ask they can get the same.
I hate people who don't beleive in me, then am I just some poor looser chap? I don't think so.

Anyways, I have a small ray of sunshine so far. I finally left my ex-bf, and no longer suffer from the sickening relationship we had.
Everything a secret, always a bad word, an insult, stupid alcohol.
My friends support me, and I met a guy who'se the complete opposite. He not only treats me good, but is sickening to the point of ridicule on the part of screaming to the world about our relationship. He does not keep me hidden, he actually dislikes for me to pay for everything. It's a complete new ration of fresh air.

In other words, I think I wont move out of the country as fast as I thought. I'm thinking of moving out of my mom's house and if I do, she wont pay for me to leave the country to study. I just can't handle it anymore, my mom just insults me and thinks lowly of me. Even my sister is starting to do so. I don't think I'm strong enough to stand them saying bad stuff to me every day, all day.

Yes, life is shit. Life is never pink colored, even though I wish, but heck this is ridiculous!
So, I'm working very hard, and studying some more, so I can get into uni and move into a rented room with my bf.
With him, rent will be better, and I wont live alone. I like him a lot, so it won't be an inconvinience. Actually, the deal is he cooks, I clean. Because my OCD wont let me let him clean since he cleans once every two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I clean at least once every three days! and that's because I'm tired and come home to sleep.
He's a good cook, contrary of me who just knows how to cook in order to survive. So, it's a good deal actually.

In other words, I'm moving on in life. I just wish everyone else around me did the same.

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  1. they will move sooner or later it is the essense of life :)