My dreamworld last night

In the end, it does not matter how I see it or from what angle I shine some light upon, I was just another passing curiosity.
I try hard to not care about him, to not make him important but in the end I guess it just hurts to always be used or confused.
And even though I wish he were hurt the same way he hurt me, I dont want to see him suffer because I'm stupid that way, like a broken doll...always the broken doll image comes to mind.
It is someone else whom I want to see suffering the worst and most unimaginable punishment that one can think of...
I Hate hipocrisy, it is something I am good at but never tolerated...and someone who is just a hipocrit because of fear of someone actually speaking the thruth in her face, is someone worth my wrath...

Too bad for me, and too good for her, I simply am a lady that hates to hurt people...good for me, bad for her, in the end...everyone around me gets hurt.

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