Day 2 – Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days.

Oh my! now this is funny! I think I have some pics laying around, let's just find them on my laptop's hardwire.

Yeah, those were some times! xD

Mostly at school, with my friends who were alternative but not goth. I used to hang out with the hippies, the rastafarie, the metal heads, and the punks. Especially the punks, at one moment, when I started dressing more deathrocker, some confused me for a punk. Though I must say I rather wear long victorian gowns and dresses, with a mini top hat, but it is hard, so I only dress up when I'm going to a tea party or basically I know I wont be going to school or work, people here in Venezuela can be very demeaning and attack you just because you're a "COMEGATO" or "cat-eater".

Because everyone that dresses in black is a satanist for sure! /sarcasm

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