Day 1 - goth challenge

Day 1 – How did you come across the subculture?

Well, simples. I was always into dark stuff, vampires, graveyards, tea parties, listening to the classical authors as well of all the typical music a girl my age was suppossed to listen in whatever country I was in at the moment.
Then, while browsing some pictures on internet, I saw the term goth and started reading about the subculture, started listening to deathrock and deathwave bands such as sopor aeternus and specimen, and got, well, hooked as if to say...

In the beggining I can admit to be a baby-bat, also thinking that MM was pop instead of schock-pop, and all that stuff, but many of us start that way.
I can just say, I'm a goth, and I love my subculture.

Santo Domingo has a blazing sun mostly all of the time, and when you're just coming out of a party, well, it does not bode well with my clothes.

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