Day 12 – What's your gothic inspiration?

What is my gothic inspiration? Let alone Sheridan LeFau, or Edgar Allan Poe, or Charles Baudelarie...
Taking aside Bela Lugosi, and all the people that are worth something. Skulls, graveyards, the constant sadness that death gives, the arts, the passion in the soul.

I love everything morbid, macabre, I love old B-horror movies, black and white photography, the victorian era, the elegance of the night. (No, I do not believe myself to be a vampire thank you, nor do I dream of being bitten by one, to be rather honest, I don't like being bitten that much.)

I guess you could say I like the cliche of dark aesthethic and culture, many have thought so already, and as much as I would apreciatte it if they were to hear me out and change their opinion, their ignorance is to me nothing more than a tickle in my belly.

Uhm, I guess I have already answered today's question. Sorry for taking so long, but my internet was down during the weekend.

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