I don't know, I won't answer

I'm tired!
Thank god my family doesn't check out my blogs, because really, they would be scared and call me a slut even more.
gods! yes, I know I have a serious problem with relationships! I know I always choose poorly, but they don't even let me be. When I have a gf I have to hide her, literally, like in a box or something because if they find out it's hell! They're so homophobic it's not even remotly funny.
It's livable though, since I tend to like guys more than girls, yet, every time I get a new bf they want to kill him. So I just recently broke up with my last ex, and I'm tired. He treated so wrong, like basically all my bfs, yet I met this guy a few weeks ago who'se amazing and I enjoy spending time with. We just talk! We talk, hug, sometimes hold hands, but we haven't even kissed and it's not on our plans. We like the way things are now, yet my family is already disliking him for that fact alone.
They said the same about my best friend, and yet I proved them that we were just friends and they still think bad of me. So now, that I am dating or sort of this guy, they hate his mere gut just for the fact he's dating me.

Also, they always remind me that I depend on them for everything. They keep screaming at me that I do everything wrong, and I just think, so what? stop going to pick me up in parties, that way I can drink without getting scolded, and dance with everyone without your inquisitorial eyes upon us. You don't want to give me money? then don't ask me to pay for the parking when yu don't have change, and so not give me money afterwards as reward for paying it.

I feel like a lapdog, always there at their beck and call, and if in revenge I poo on the carpet I get kicked out of the room but not into the garden.
And all this, because I'm a baby who does not know anything about herself.

I just need to rest, and a new job that pays more for less hours. I overwork myself for mere scraps of money.

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