Pathethic attempts of women

Yes, I just am tired of it. I really am pissed off at something, the lies they tell of me, yet no one speaks of the real bitches around this town.
Apparently in the only party I've ever been with this guy (who'se the second guitarrist in my bf's band), I've slept with three guys and then I tried to sleep with him and he kicked me out of the bed.
It's actually good to know so I can keep track with whom I've been sleeping.

It's so annoying the lies they tell of me, yet my bf's ex gf slept around with any guy she could get even when she was with him, dumped him the day of his birthday, then lied about being pregnant so he would still take care of her while she fucked any number of other guys; and now that he has a gf that actually takes care of him, she insults him saying he didn't lost time to replace her.

I'm just so tired of anoying bitches, I'm a really good girl. I try to have good manners, treat everyone the way they deserve, I don't go telling tall tales to people, I just try to be a good citizen and defend myself. Then why? Why even when I fight back, people just make fun of me? This is terribly anoying.

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