All hallows eve

It's that time of the year already! Once again we shall see the kids asking for either candy or money, them doing pranks, etc.
They don't understand the true meaning, nor why us, those from the "obscure" cultures love this night so much.

Halloween is a night where all creatures of the dark roam free, those who are scared dress themselves in ways to scare the dead and dark who should keep hiden, those who are not scared enjoy every second of their company in one great night.

Some of us might say, but I live halloween everyday! No my darkling, you dont! you may think you do, but it is only night of the catholic year *is there a more disgusting word, and yes, I do hate catholicism with a passion because they prosecuted people from my religion from ages ago.* when the darker creatures roam our world and the dead can come home again.

Just because you dress in black and drink red vodka, pretending it to be blood, are you living halloween every day. Grow up! and on that note, I want to dress up very pretty and collect candy. Sugary sweets that will make jump in gleeful emotions, the thing is, since I'm so "old", no one will give me any candy. So unfair! I think the person who invented trick or treating was an older kid who was not allowed candy due to his age. *lights a smoke*

Anyways, I think I shall plan a party with some friends. Invitation only, made and designed by beautiful me. Oh yes, today is the day when I write gleeful thoughts, because Ophelia is today happy and the thought of eating candy and sharing them with those beautiful, dark (so dark and goth) creatures.

P.S: I hope that those of you who read me have enough brain to understand the sarcastic jokes withing this drowning. I am too tired to explain them to you.

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